September 6, 2008

Texture Rubbings

At our latest Fibervision meeting, we did rubbings using all types of items. Some of the items used were rubber bands glued onto cardboard, bamboo table runners, hooked rug backing, stamps, rice, hot glue designs, placemats, paperclips, etc. Crayons, Shiva oil sticks, pastels, dye sticks and charcoal are among some of the materials used to produce the rubbings on either paper or fabric. Some of the rubbings looked great with pastel but didn't show at all in crayon. Some looked great on fabric, but awful on paper.These flowers were printed with a thermofax screen on a light, solid colored fabric. There was too much contrast for my liking, so I added multiple colors in the background, and now I like it a lot better.
I'm afraid I really didn't stick to the rules (nothing new there). In some cases, I layered several textures on each piece, so I don't remember what I used on every piece. I had a bunch of "ugly" pieces of fabric that needed a little something, so I used Shiva oil sticks and dye sticks to add a little texture. I used a commercial rubbing plate for the ginkgo leaves above.

I used plastic crewel canvas to rub a bit of texture here and there on this painted piece. I really like the depth it added.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

these are all very cool!

Vicki W said...

That is so cool!

Sandy said...

Great experiments. I don't stick to rules either-no fu in that.

Susan Italo said...

They all look wonderful! What a positive experiment-- lovely depth in the last one, in particular!