December 23, 2007

Happy Dance!

Yippee, my studio is compete! Here is a photo of my Viking Designer I in its new home. It's amazing how comfortable it is to sew at this height. The first thing I sewed was the hem on my husbands shorts because he threatened to leave a nasty comment on my blog if I didn't fix them soon. Then I made a postcard out of the leftover coaster fabric.
I am extremely happy with the way my studio turned out. This is by far the most functional layout yet and I expect it to stay like this for a long time. The room is approximately 10' x 12' and every space is utilized. Unfortunately, I can't get back far enough to get a good photo of the full room. Here is a side shot of the new sewing table. Each end has a stack of drawers like the one you see here. The space directly above the first drawer is a pull out shelf which is going to be extremely useful.
My sewing table backs up to an L shaped table, so I will have a huge working surface for large projects. I think I could have 3 people working fairly comfortable in this space. I'll have to test that theory out soon.This shows the L shaped table from the opposite direction. You can see my laptop in the forground, this is where I do all my blogging, photo & computer work.Here's the other end of the L shaped desk. There is a ton of storage underneath and behind this area.I found some fabric that I won't use and will donate it to a local group. After organizing everything I have one empty shelf that will hold a large bin for leftover scraps. Thanks to my interior decorator friend, Nancy, I still need to find a way to store approximately 25 pounds of upholstery fabric.