September 27, 2008

Mystery Fruit

Andi and I were getting ready to have a play day with gelatin printing. Just as we were taking the gelatin out of the pan, my husband walks in with this odd looking fruit.Boy, does he know how to get our attention! What is this? Where did it come from? And, how come we've never seen one before? The exterior looks like an artichoke, and the inside looks and tastes like a kiwi. So Strange!
It's called a Dragon Fruit and it was purchased at the farmer's market. Apparently, one of the local farmers grows them here. They are expensive, but this little fruit entertained the entire household for at least 30 minutes.I had fun arranging the cross-sections into various compositions. Andi thought they looked like ladybugs. What do you see?

Could we use the rind to print with? No, it was too soft, it wouldn't survive the process. Will it release it's wonderful Fuscia dye onto fabric? Good thought, but the results were underwhelming.
We managed to pull ourselves away from this colorful experiment and continued on with the gelatin printing. More on that later.