February 25, 2007

Finished Quilts

I love it when I finish one quilt; three quilts in a couple of weeks is amazing! OK, they're all pretty small, but still they're done. The best part is I really like them all.

"Branching Out" was made using my hand-painted fabric in the large central square and the yellow stripe. The turquoise rectangle is discharged and the turquoise square is stamped. The rest is commercial fabric.

"Winter Wonderland" is made using all commercial fabrics. It was inspired by a black and white photo of trees covered in snow.

"Spring Has Sprung III" was made using using all hand-painted fabric that I created. The background is sun-printed, the trees are discharged and the flowers are painted.

February 20, 2007

Goleta Beach

The weather was glorious Saturday, so Mike and I went for a walk at Goleta Beach. The tide was really low, so we walked to the point of the UCSB campus to explore the tide pools. I'm glad we went out when we did because it rained the next day. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in one day!

February 17, 2007

Textile Gifts

My boss just came back from a trip to Vietnam. She brought back some really special textiles for me. Their outfits are so elaborate and colorful. Very exciting! The long piece is used as a belt or wrapped around their legs, it is hand embroidered. The background piece is used as a skirt over other clothing. It has a multitude of trims and rickrack sewed down. The indigo pieces would probably be used as insets of a blouse. They are hand embroidered.
My friend, Isabel, lived in Guatemala for several years and collected a lot of hand woven fabric. It is hand dyed on the side of the road and then woven by the same woman on a loom that is attached to her body. It is so perfectly done, it is difficult to believe it is hand made!

February 9, 2007

Fiber Postcards

Here are some of the postcards that I have created. They are a lot of fun to create because you can try many different techniques in a short period of time.

This background is sun-painted and stamped with metallic paint. The foreground has silk flowers foil centers and silk leaves.

This was painted with dyna-flow and lumiere paint. the center spots are foil.

The background is hand painted. The foreground has free-motion lace, yarn and a piece of avocado bag sewn down.

The beige design has been discharged using a bleach pen. Red foil dots were applied.

February 7, 2007

Several Charms Received

Below are the first arrivals of the 1 inch charm swap. When all have made their journey, I will be the happy recipient of 24 unique handcrafted charms from around the world. It is so much fun checking the mail now. Every few day a new treasure arrives. I'll post more photos in groups.
Which one is your favorite?