September 15, 2013

Fun Things to Do in Cambria Area

Mike and I went to Cambria last weekend for the opening of Andi Perejda's exhibit at the Cambria Center for the Arts. Andi is so talented . . . she does absolutely everything from painting and dyeing to masterful hand quilting. And she's a really nice person too. If you've never seen her work, check out her website. She does a hand quilting class for Craftsy, travels around the country teaching, and she'll be doing a demo when we go to the Houston quilt show.

We never miss an opportunity to spend the weekend in Cambria, and this was no exception. The weather at the beach was extremely foggy. It didn't stop me from taking a lot of photos, but honesty, most of them didn't come out very good.

We visited many galleries and shops. There are so many talented artists in the area and there are so many beautiful items on display. This visit we happened upon a shop called Grow on Main Street. They have rare and unusual succulents and gorgeous pottery. You can see some of it below. The colors and textures are wonderful. We ended up buying three plants, two of them are mutations that I've never seen and the third is just a bit strange. If you like plants and yard art, this is a great nursery.

If your husband can't handle all the shopping and galleries, there's a place for him at the Cambria Ale House. We didn't go there, but the sign made me laugh.

 We went to San Simeon to visit the elephant seals, but it was pretty quiet. The mature bulls won't return until November or December. When they arrive, they are so loud you can barely hear yourself speak. We had dinner at Manta Rey Restaurant in San Simeon. It's our favorite restaurant in the area and eat there every time we are in town.

If you live within driving distance, it's a great weekend get away.