January 2, 2011

Inspiration Is Everywhere

It doesn't take too much to get me started. I'm surrounded by wonderful scenery, books and supplies. Regardless, I'm always looking for a new perspective . . . a challenge is always intriguing . . . almost impossible to resist.
I came across an online group last year called Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. They recently had an opening in membership and I was eager to play along. The Fabric Challenge part is fairly easy, it's the Fast Friday part I'm struggling with. I'm able to come up with a design, but no way can I complete the entire thing in one week. There just aren't enough hours in my day . . . full-time employment seems to get in the way!
Even if you don't join the group, you can get inspired by the general information about the challenge subject and links they provide. It's like a mini art lesson each month.
Below are photos of the pieces I've made along with the challenge name and number.
Challenge 49: Chiaroscuro - Tea Fire

Challenge 51: One Shape - Looking Up

Challenge 52: Color Field