June 4, 2013

Published in Art Quilting Studio Magazine

I was really excited when the magazine finally came out and I could see my articles in print. Yes, that is plural, I am featured in three different areas of the magazine. I'm really pleased with the way the articles turned out, which is saying a lot. Overall,  it was a good experience and I'd be happy to do it again.

Here is the article that I wrote for the Special Feature section, "Too Hot to Handle". 
If you've read my blog for a while, you'll remember reading about the fires that came through the Santa Barbara area. This article gives a bit of the back story, how it affected me and my art.

 Inside Out is an interview that covers a bit of my background and the inspiration behind my "Inside Out" Cellular Series.
 This interview is in the Quilting Odd & Unusual section. Who knew that such a section ever existed until now. It figures that I would land there. LOL
 "Gridlock" is in the Patchworks section (right page). It has two photos and a description of how I went about making it.
If you haven't previously seen Art Quilting Studio magazine, you should pick up a copy. It is always packed with great articles, photos and information. It is and has been one of my favorites and I wish it was published more than twice a year. I believe you can buy it at Barnes & Nobles, Joann's and Stampington.