October 7, 2007

It was a Very Colorful Day

Can you guess where I went today? There were many beautiful costumes, some had applique, some had beads and many had feathers.It was the 12th annual Chumash Inter-tribal Pow Wow at Live Oak Park. I've never been to one before and thought it would be fun to do something different and a wonderful opportunity for some photos. Wow, it was amazing!! The costumes far exceeded anything I expected and that is really unusual for me. Each tribe had their own drummers, song, dance and costume design. They had dance competitions for cash prizes. I took over 300 photos today, a new record.
They invited anyone that needed healing to join their healing circle, so I did. One woman went around the circle and smoked each of us with burning sage, another woman brushed us off with an eagle wing and a man sprinkled holy water on us.
I was taking his photo when he reached down and pulled out his cell phone. It was such an oxymoron that Kathy started cracking up, so I took this photo for her.