January 24, 2008

Imprint of the Soul

This is the quilt I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. It has a lot of stitching, both by hand and machine. I love the colors and the way the light hits the silk. It feels very rich and elegant.
The first source of inspiration came from a poem that my son Sean wrote called Couturier. Here is the first line: "The first things to notice are the sterile lights illuminating fabrics one dreams of but rarely visits with touch".
I've collected some silk fabrics, but never used them. After reading his poem, I couldn't find the silk fast enough. I was working on a series of line drawings that I felt would work well with the poem and the silk. I ended up doing a lot more hand stitching than I usually do but the texture the seed stitching was exactly what the piece needed.
Okay, enough already, here it is. Did you notice all the circles? I'm telling you, they keep showing up in my work.

With any luck, it will be on exhibit at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara in March. It is a little bigger than the size specified, however, my Fibervision group is known for breaking the rules. We'll see if the rule breaking/bending applies to size!