July 15, 2007

Art in the Mail

The last few days were great mail days! It is so nice to open the mailbox and find beautiful pieces of art instead of bills.
This postcard was a personal trade with Lynda. The texture on this piece is wonderful. It is lace, acrylic paint and treasure gold. Thank you Lynda, this piece is a treasure!

This ATC was another personal trade with SueB. It is made from Lotka paper that Sue further embellished with paint. The texture is difficult to describe, it is both smooth and bumpy at the same time. I've never seen anything quite like it. It is gorgeous, thank you Sue.
This postcard trade was through the Yahoo Surface Design Group. Norma B created this wonderful Monochromatic Color Composition. The subtle colors are beautiful with just the right amount of bright spark and movement. Thanks Norma, I love it.