August 30, 2013

My Favorite Steam Iron

I just finished ironing 9 yards of hand-dyed fabric and 10 silk scarves with my Eurosteam iron. Ironing isn't how I like to spend my time, (and I generally avoid it as much as possible), but this iron makes the task a bit easier. If you do a lot of ironing, you may be interested in purchasing one too, click here for their website.

The demo I saw at the SLO quilt show was very impressive and I just had to have one. The iron is either ON or OFF and it either has STEAM or NO STEAM. That's it. One temperature for ALL fabric types. It doesn't matter if it's cotton, tulle, wool, or organza . . . it won't burn or melt even if you leave the iron face down for 3 minutes. I made the woman test every unusual material possible.

The only negative thing is that it runs out of steam pretty fast because the boiler is small. Other than that, the iron is great.