March 24, 2013

Painting with Dorland's Wax Medium

I first began oil painting when I was twelve years old and stuck with it until I went to college, then acrylic paint became my chosen medium. I still use acrylic paints, but I also use ink, watercolor, and dye quite often.
Now I've gone full circle . . . I'm playing with oil paint again. This time I'm combining it with Dorland's Wax Medium for a totally different effect. I'm layering the paint with a palette knife and scraping through the layers with  sharp tools. Basically, I'm having fun with it.
I think each of these pieces have three layer of paint/wax so far, including the initial white primer which you can see showing through is some areas.
None of these are anywhere near being finished, but it's interesting to document them in the process to see how much they change.
There are eight other pieces sitting on my table waiting for more paint. Some have fabric paper collage incorporated into them, and some have Dorland's Wax mixed with Pearl Ex. It's all a big experiment and I have no idea how they will turn out.