August 6, 2007

More Shopping!

Another shopping trip with my friend Kathy, north this time. We went to several stores, asking for donations for the Coastal Quilters Guild challenge "Lights! Camera! Action!". I'm sure we spent twice as much money as we received in gift certificates!
I'm pretty sure I needed a couple of these items and some were such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up. I had a coupon for the sewing machine feet, Buy two, get one free, so I did! I bought the Open Toe Free Motion Spring Foot, Edge Stitching Foot and the Chenille Stitching Foot. I have quite the collection of feet now.

I need the corner marker tool to get the Ricky Timms binding to work right. And my hands are dying of heat exhaustion in the quilting gloves I've been using. A friend told me the Machingers gloves breathe. I'll let you know. I cannot find the Tsukineko ink locally, so had to get that too!

Here's my justification for the fabric. Black is my neutral, it makes all colors POP, and good light fabric is hard to find, so you need to buy it whenever you see it. The others had good texture!

These two are special! I love it when the fabric changes throughout the width. There are two fabrics here, the black line shows the separation. The fabric on the bottom starts as yellow and changes to purple at the other end. The fabric on the top has the different skies. Had to get these! Don't you agree?