May 27, 2013

The Rolling Stones Concert was Fabulous!

Mike (DH) and I went to see the stones at the Honda Center last weekend in LA and had a great time. It's amazing how much energy Mick has. He's like an energizer bunny . . . he just keeps on going and going and going.
We saw them thirty years ago in LA and thought that would be the last time. Who knew they would stay together so long. I'm really glad they did though.
The stage and light show were great. As usual, it has the walkway in the shape of a tongue. All the instruments are wireless now, so everyone can travel around while performing. I took this shot while we were waiting for the arena to fill in. It took FOREVER for people to get through security, and the show began an hour late. After the Boston Marathon incident, I'm sure everyone is on high alert everywhere.
There was a huge video screen behind the band. This photo is actually a projection of Mick. If you look close, you will see the band in the foreground.
Hope some of you get to see them too!