December 22, 2007

Photoshop Manipulated Coasters

I started with a photo of some foamy ocean water, adjusted the saturation and color balance quite a bit and twisted the whole image. This is what it looked like after I printed it on treated cotton fabric.

I added a layer of Timtex to the back and couched yarn along the contours and free motion stitched in the blue areas with rayon thread. I added foiled circles to top. I cut four circles from the piece and stitched around the perimeter of each.

I popped the circles into the center of these acrylic coasters and sealed the back and Ta-da, I have a unique Christmas present!
Here's a photo of my lonely chair and lamp waiting for it's new sewing table! It has arrived and I'm hard at work filling up all the drawers. I really, really love the new layout. Photos to come shortly.