July 19, 2010


The bright lights are behind us. We spend our final days on Cape Cod and at Norwich Lake with parents, aunts, grandparents, siblings, nieces, cousins. This is the best part of all, the most relaxing part.
Photography is the only creative outlet I've had during our trip.
A close up of one of my favorite trees at the boat dock (above). The boat dock at dusk (below). The scene was so peaceful and calm. Our vacation was winding down.I brought a few small projects to work on, but was never in the right frame of mind. One would think that I would be anxious to get back into my studio. Unfortunately, the transition wasn't that smooth.
The first day was spent unwinding thread from old spools. The thread will be re-purposed and the spools will be great for stamping. Then I purchased new storage units and completely rearranged my supplies.

Finally, I began to sew. I pulled out a log cabin quilt that I made 12 years ago and finished the quilting.Then I cut lots of circles. I backed them with interfacing, stitch and flip them right side out and use them for labels. This is the type of sewing I do when I feel uninspired. Useful but boring. yawn
Then I look down at the leftovers from my circle cutting spree. Out of nowhere . . . Inspiration strikes! The leftovers become the focus of my next microscopic piece. It will be called Inside Out: Hormones.
Stay tuned . . . Next post will show how the leftovers begin to develop.