March 8, 2011

Soy Wax Workshop

I have an electric wok that wasn't hot enough for stir frying, but it's perfect for soy wax. I also have a little melt pot and Anne has a crock pot filled with soy wax too. I have tons of stamps, spatulas and found objects that are perfect for stamping.
What is all this for? A soy wax workshop with my Fibervision friends. I gave them the basic information about soy wax and off they went. They grabbed some fabric and tools and got busy.
There are little things you learn along the way about the different tools, but there is very little that can really go wrong. This group doesn't want or need many directions. Even if I told them exactly what to do, they would do whatever they wanted anyways! That's why I LOVE this group!
I really don't like starting with white fabric, so I dunked it into very diluted setacolor (before the meeting) and set it outside to dry. Here's one of the pieces drying in the sun.
This is what it looked like after it was dry. Much better than white.
This is my collection of kitchen tools that I use for stamping. It's amazing how many different mashers you will find once you become aware of them.
Xandra had some pieces that she painted in a different workshop. She brought them along to add a layer of wax and more paint. It looks like she really likes the swirly whisk.
Here's the fabric after a setacolor dunk. Kind of cool!
Here's the same piece after I took a mono print of the surface of my board. Don't you love it?
I'll have more before/after photos to share once my paint has cured.