May 30, 2013

Sunprinted Fabric

Last weekend, my Fibervision group decided to have a sunprinting play day. I used Dye-na-flow paint instead of the usual Setacolor. I've found that both work equally as well, so use whatever you have on hand. There was a fourth piece which was more subtle than these, but one of my good friends admired it, so I gave it to her.
 I feel like I'm in an airplane looking down on the scenery.
 Love the jewel tones.
I will never have too many circles.

One of the questions in my FV group was "How do you know when a piece of fabric is finished?" Honestly, I don't think there is one answer that will be right for everyone. Some people might think that my first layer is over the top! I believe that if you follow your gut instinct you will generally make the right decision for you. How do you decide when to stop?