May 15, 2013

New Studio Photos

Several months ago, I broke down and purchased an HQ Sweet Sixteen. The most difficult part about the whole process was fitting the new machine into my space. Mind you, it really isn't that large, but my studio was already packed. Two people could fit in my studio at the same time as long as they didn't move too much. My studio needed a complete re-design and that's what I did.
Now it's spacious with plenty of space for several people to move around. This studio is used for designing, sewing, and photographing art. Paint and ink is generally not allowed into this space. That's all done in the other studio which contains all the messy stuff and my computer and printer. If the weather is nice, I can work outside on the patio too.
 My Viking Designer 1 and the HQ Sweet Sixteen.
See the great design board that covers the entire length of the wall. 
 I have great light in this room and a beautiful view of the garden.