October 9, 2008

Harvest of Colors Weekend

It seems like I'm always rushing from one place to another, barely one step ahead of the next deadline. I like to stay busy; but lately, it's been a bit too busy. I'm hoping that the next couple of months will be a little quieter.
The Coastal Quilters Guild held their quilt show this past weekend and I'm happy to say, that one of my quilts won a blue ribbon.

Ranell, one of my Fibervision friends, won Best of Show for her series of Wild Women. This is the first time that our traditional guild awarded Best of Show to an art quilt. It's a definite milestone. Way to go Ranell. My good friend Kathy also won second place for her beautiful quilt. I'll ask her if I can show a photo.

Ellen Anne Eddy was the featured artist. If you've never seen her work before, you should definitely check her website. I spent a fair amount of time with her over the weekend and found her to be a very kind and sharing person. Whenever a child came into her booth to look at all the colorful thread and angelina, she would ask them if they quilted. They would chat about their projects, then Ellen would tell them to choose a half yard of hand-dyed fabric as a gift. She gave them a business card and asked them to send her a photo of whatever they made. How cool is that?

And no quilt show is complete without lots of vendors! It seems like I always manage to spend some money. My poor studio is going to burst soon!

oooooh . . . . look at this neon fabric. Do you think I was in a happy mood that day?

The Fabric Art Workshop book is full of techniques, my kind of fun! Ellen highly recommended the Quilt Halo for doing embroidery work and quilting. She said it saves a tremendous amount of time because she doesn't have to keep re-hooping the fabric. So I just had to have it. And Ellen's book shows how she finishes the edges of her quilts with satin stitching.

That's it for today . . . off to my Dreamweaver class.