May 2, 2014

Ready for Quilting

I tested my flower pin and foam basting creation on three 8 x 8" quilts and they worked well. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to pin the layers together.

So now I pin basted a small and medium sized piece and will quilt them to see if the pins actually stay pinned for the duration of quilting. That seems like an important feature, don't you think?
Here's the first piece that I'll quilt. It's around 16 x 20".

If the smaller piece goes well, this one will follow. It's around 35 x 40".

I have about 200 of the foam pieces cut, but only had 95 pins in my stash. If the pins hold well through the next test, I'll have to buy more pins. Even though the pile looks large, they are extremely lightweight, lighter than the safety pins I use now.