January 31, 2010

Aerial Photos of Salt Lake City

I'm really excited about the aerial photos I took over Salt Lake City. I've never flown over during the winter, so this was new to me.This is one of my favorites . . . such a great composition. This one reminds me of a circuit board.This one looks as if someone just applied the final brushstrokes.The combination of salt, mud, ice and snow made for some fantastic abstract compositions.

We had a great trip to Evanston, IL to visit our daughter for her final college swim meet. Hard to believe that after 14 years it's coming to an end. I know her body will be happy to have a break - 6 hours of swimming a day, 6 days a week is tough. I am constantly amazed at Rachel's focus and determination . . . it's something I could never do.

No trip to Evanston is complete without a visit to Dick Blick and Vogue Fabric. All I bought was a little Thai silk, bright yellow roving, versatex printing ink, extender, Golden open acrylic gloss, and Jacquard color remover.

Not too bad - my suitcase was only 48 pounds and I think my bright red pea coat accounted for 20 pounds. I was surprised how few colorful coats there were. It's so grey in the winter, people should wear more color. Just my opinion.