May 28, 2008

I Madonnari Festival

Every year at the end of May, artists converge on the Old Mission in Santa Barbara to decorate the grounds with colorful chalk drawings. The I Madonnari Festival began in 1987 and has grown into a very successful fundraiser for the Children's Creative Project. Approximately 25,000 people attend the festival. Here are a couple of my favorite drawings this year.
The foreshortening on this hand is fantastic.
I love this composition; it draws you right in.
The weather has been so strange here, I can't tell if it's winter, spring, or summer. We'll have one day with record breaking temperatures in the 90's, and the next day, it's 65 degrees! The honey bees know it's spring though because my Hebe bushes are blooming.
My beloved camera (Canon Rebel) went to Greece without me! My husband went to Athens on a business trip and brought back some great photos. I'm the one that's always taking the photos, so I was really impressed at how well he did. I told him that I liked doors, color and texture and he came back with these fantastic photos. I LOVE THEM.

What a guy! How many people have photos of Greek Graffiti?