November 14, 2008

Another Fire!

Who would have ever guessed that we would have 3 major fires in Santa Barbara county within a 15 month period. The first was the Zaca fire, then the Gap Fire, now it the Tea fire. Unbelievable . . . yet it's true. And this one is by far the worse of all. It's in a heavily populated area in Montecito and Santa Barbara. Multi-million dollar mansions are burning to the ground. The unofficial count for the first 24 hours is 150 homes lost, and the fire is 0% contained.
I helped my boss evacuate last night and talked to several friends that also had to evacuate. It sounds like one may have lost her home, but we can't be sure yet. And of course, the air quality is horrible again. I wore my mask today and I can honestly say that I am over my mask phobia.
Tomorrow, I will draw 2 winners for the 100 item Giveaway. If you haven't left a comment yet, you still have time. Make sure to leave a comment here.