September 16, 2013

Knittin and Stitchin

There's quite a bit happening in my studio, but nothing is completely finished. I've been dyeing a lot of fabric and silk scarves and printing note cards that feature my photography. I'm planning to open an Etsy shop soon, however, it's quite a bit of work to get it all organized and get everything photographed. If any of you have any advice for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

I meet with a group of friends once a month and everyone except Lora and me knit. Well, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and started knitting a Russian Wedding Band Cowl. Normally, it has 3 loops that intertwine, however, I think I'm going to make two loops and keep the yarn the same for both. I consider myself a novice knitter and have to review how to cast on stitches every time I begin a new project. This is the first time I've used circular needles. So far, I think it's going pretty good. What do you think?

 This is a prayer shawl that I've been commissioned to work on. The large cherry tree was designed by the client. The background is lightweight wool and the tree and flowers are silk. I'm using a buttonhole stitch to applique all of the shapes onto the background. It's been a bit tedious, but it's coming out quite nice and I'm almost done.