August 3, 2007

¡Viva La Fiesta!

August 1 - 5 is Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara. Tourists invade the city by the thousands and the whole city becomes a very large party.
There are many different activities throughout the city. Wednesday night at the mercado, we attended a free concert by Hollywood U2. Tonight is the Rodeo and tomorrow is the childrens parade and tomorrow night is the Flamenco dancers at the Courthouse.
Here is a vasquero showing his roping technique, he was really good.
Beautiful costumes can be seen throughtout the city.

One of the hundreds of beautiful horses in the parade.

The cascarones are definitely one of the Fiesta highlights. Colorful confetti is contained inside every egg. You sneak up on people and crack the egg on their head and confetti goes flying everywhere. It will take six months for the confetti to disappear d0wntown!