October 19, 2007

Fun at Pacific International

We had a great time at Pacific International Quit Show and San Francisco. There were some great quilts and vendors. I behaved very well the first two days, but something happened on the third day and I went into a spending frenzy. Here are some of my purchases:I'm always a sucker for anything with gold or silver metallic and I'm sure I was a crow in a previous life. The surprising purchase was all this hand-dyed fabric from Cherry Wood. It is so incredible in person, it looks like suede. I decided that I should have some solid type fabric in my stash and bought two packs, one is bright and one is light.We went to Britex in downtown San Francisco. For those of you that haven't been there, it's a 4 story fabric store that stocks just about anything you can imagine. If you are looking for something specific, this is the place to go. There was a large wall lined with buttons and rows and rows of ribbons and trim. I fell in love with organza ribbon and just had to have some.We spent the afternoon wandering through Chinatown. Of course we didn't make it out of there without spending some money. We purchased some pretty handbags, wine bags, pillow cases and jewelry. I took a lot of photos of the fantastic architecture. Here are a couple taken in Chinatown.