March 20, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Just when you think you're done . . . SURPRISE . . . your main water line springs a leak! Fortunately, the leak was under the driveway, and you guessed it, under the newly planted garden. We had to dig up all the plants and dig a trench to the water valve, and decided to abandon the old water line. We dug a 60 foot trench that's 18 inches deep along the house, down the edge of the driveway, under the driveway, to the water valve and back up under the garden to the irrigation system. We discovered the leak on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it took 3 people six hours to dig the ditches. Thursday morning, the plumbers installed new pipes. Thursday evening we started refilling the ditches. I'm hoping that by Saturday, the plants will be back in the ground, the ditches will be filled and we'll be back to where we were a week ago. Sheesh!
Remember the Art Technique swap I told you about a couple of months ago? Well, I finally received my pages (if I remember correctly, 118 different techniques). They are amazing! I'm almost finished putting it together and will post some photos tomorrow.