July 29, 2007

New Projects

It seems that summer presents many distractions. I haven't been working in my studio as often as I should be, but still have a few things in progress. It seems that I haven't been getting many comments lately either. Is anyone out there? I really enjoy hearing from you. (hint, hint)

These ATC's were made using crayon as a resist, acrylic ink, dye, marker, utee and stamps. I'm not sure what will happen to them now, but I feel like they need something else.
This piece just received its second layer of crayon. Next, I will add another wash of acrylic ink, let it dry and then iron it to remove the wax, but the pigment will remain. I'll post the results next time.A while ago, I purchased this lanyard disc at Michael's for $1.00. I found it the other day while looking for something else, and decided to give it a try. It is extremely easy to do and is a great project while watching television. I am using 2 pieces of chenille yarn in each slot which makes a very sturdy cord with a 1/2" diameter. Not quite sure what I will do with it yet, I'm thinking a handle for a handbag. Time will tell!

July 15, 2007

Art in the Mail

The last few days were great mail days! It is so nice to open the mailbox and find beautiful pieces of art instead of bills.
This postcard was a personal trade with Lynda. The texture on this piece is wonderful. It is lace, acrylic paint and treasure gold. Thank you Lynda, this piece is a treasure!

This ATC was another personal trade with SueB. It is made from Lotka paper that Sue further embellished with paint. The texture is difficult to describe, it is both smooth and bumpy at the same time. I've never seen anything quite like it. It is gorgeous, thank you Sue.
This postcard trade was through the Yahoo Surface Design Group. Norma B created this wonderful Monochromatic Color Composition. The subtle colors are beautiful with just the right amount of bright spark and movement. Thanks Norma, I love it.

July 14, 2007

Fabric Store Run

Kathy and I are the organizers of our quilt guild challenge this year. The theme is "LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! The date is quickly coming up and it's time to request donations from our fabric and quilt shops. We drove south about 60 miles to visit area shops. We received gift certificates from Baron's, Quilters Studio and Quilt Ventura and have two other shops to call back. We have also received donations from Grant House and Craft Essentials. We're off to a good start! We will be heading north in a couple of weeks.
Along the way, many wonderful fabrics screamed "BUY ME" and we did. Here is a photos of my haul today. Quite a bit considering I can't use all the fabric I have in 3 lifetimes. I'm sure I don't need to make excuses to all of you. From what I've seen, I'm not the only one! LOL

July 10, 2007

ATCs Ready to Trade

Here a some of my ATCs being traded this month. These were started using leftovers from other projects. The green base was made at the same time as my "Spring of Creativity" canvas. It sat around for a couple of weeks until I decided to paint a shirt. I screened several paints and designs onto the shirt, but only the black layer made with the wire whisk managed to make it onto the ATC paper. The design evolved on its own after that. It has texture from gesso and tissue paper and color from acrylic paints, watercolor pencils and pearl ex powder.

July 8, 2007


I see things differently than most people; I've known this for a long time. Usually, people look around at the general scene as a whole. I can also do that, but I tend to focus in on the details. I notice the patterns in cracked concrete or the shadows on a building. Water is always a fun to look at.Here are a couple of photos I shot of reflections of boats in the harbor.
I thought they were really cool while I was looking at them, but found that by changing the shutter
speed, the image changed dramatically.
You should take some photos of reflections, it's a lot of fun and very inspiring.
My daughter is a competitive swimmer and the pool is right by the ocean. There is a lot of waiting between her swimming events. Needless to say, I've taken many harbor/ocean photos over the years.

July 7, 2007

Beautiful Postcards Received

Here are two postcards I received from the Surface Design Color Composition trade.This one is made by the incredibly talented Joanna. I love the complimentary colors she used. Visit her blog to see more of her fabulous work. This beautiful postcard is made by Jan Z. As far as I know, Jan doesn't have a blog or website. Correct me if I'm wrong Jan. I love all the different purples in this card. Jan also incorporated some purple yarn for additional texture.

July 1, 2007

Color Composition Trade

I belong to an online group called Surface Design. This group of artists LOVE to trade PC's, pins, padfolios, ATC's, etc. It's hard not to sign up for every trade, but I know I wouldn't have enough time to get them finished. The color composition trade sounded really appealing and I just couldn't resist. Here are the postcards that I will be mailing to my trade partners.I used a split complimentary color scheme. These aren't colors that I generally use together, but I really like the results. I am going to explore this combination further.I was looking through a pile of hand painted fabric and this yellow orange just jumped out at me. It contained all of the colors needed for the split complimentary scheme.The green fabric is also hand-painted. The purple is a commercial fabric.I had fun cutting the fabric and rearranging into different compositions. The finishing touch was machine embroidery and beads. I hope Joanna, Jan, Carol T. and Norma like them.