January 28, 2007

Fibervision Meeting

I met with my Fibervision Group (or as my husband calls us, The Like Minded Thinkers). Although we are all quite different, there is a fair amount of truth to that statement. We are all interested in educating the public and promoting quilting as an art form. We enjoy exploring, and experimenting with new products and techniques. It's an extremely talented group of artists and I am honored to be part of this group.

Our newest challenge is titled "Regurgitation". We each put a UFO into a paper bag along with a photo of the UFO and traded bags. We can do anything we want to the UFO; cut, paint, burn, add other pieces, etc.

We will return with the finished product in October. Here are photos of a few of the UFO's. Stay tuned for the exciting finale!

January 14, 2007

Play Day #2

Day 2 of Rayna's workshop was very fun and productive. All the design exercises were fairly quick, which meant you couldn't over analyze any of your choices. She also wanted you to use fabric that we painted the first day. Here are the four pieces that I designed. It was a great class, I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to make original designs.

January 12, 2007

Play Day #1

Had a wonderful workshop today with Rayna Gillman. Rayna is a very warm and funny fiber artist from New Jersey. Her teaching style if very relaxed. She really doesn't have any rules and stresses the need to experiment. My kind of lady.

We painted fabric using items like bubble wrap and construction fence and learned how to use a silk screen. The bottom piece of fabric was made using tissue paper that bleeds. The fun continues tomorrow in a design class where we use our painted fabric.

January 9, 2007


One of my hobbies is photography. My newest camera is a Canon, Rebel XT. I love the quality of the photos and the camera is easy to use and fairly lightweight. Here are some recent photos.

January 8, 2007

I won!

I won the Coastal Quilters Raffle Quilt. I was speechless. That doesn't happen very often.
It is hand appliqued, machine pieced, and machine quilted. It is amazing! A huge thanks to everyone involved in making it.

One Inch Charms
Here is a photo of (20) 1 inch square charms I created for an online trade group called Surface Design. This group encourages the use of new materials and techniques. We create and trade small pieces of art, usually in the form of postcards. These charms are the smallest pieces of art I have ever completed!

They are made using Timtex, clay, stamps, layers of paint, water soluble crayons and foil. They will be traded with other artists throughout the United States, England, Norway, Canada, and Australia. I wish I could hop into the envelope with them!

Fibervision Exhibits
Fibervision is a group of 18 extremely talented artists working together to educate and promote fiber art. Please visit our website at www.fibervision.org

We currently have two exhibits. The first exhibit is at the Big Sky Cafe in San Luis Obispo. The piece I have on display there is called Go With the Flow. It was designed while listening to a classical guitar piece written by Rodrigo.

The second exhibit is at Dr. West's office in Santa Barbara. Dr. Phil is a very talented surgeon and a nice guy. His office has ongoing art exhibits featuring local artists.

The triptych I have on exhibit there is called Winding Ways I, II, and III. All three pieces use the same arc shape in different ways. The first quilt used the original arc shape. The second quilt has them joined together to form ribbon like shapes. In the third quilt, they have been cut into pieces and rearranged.