January 28, 2014

Road Trip

Click and hold . . . That's what happened many times on the bus ride home from the Road 2 CA Quilt Show. Once the sunset started, I pulled my camera out and the fun began. This is when my quilt show experience became very different from all the rest of the passengers on the bus.

Each photo was considerably different than the one taken before. Some exposures were long and some were short. It just depended on how many lights were present in the background.

If you look closely at this photo, you'll see vertical lines caused by the bus hitting pot holes during the exposure.
This light dance happened while passing a car lot.

The only lights available here were from the passing vehicles. If you look carefully, you can see the outline of several cars.

Strip malls always have great lights. As Lora said, "In-N-Out Burger never looked so good."

I took photos of the quilt show too, but those are for my own enjoyment. I've never been comfortable posting other people's quilts on my blog without their permission. I emailed photos to a couple of people that don't live nearby and they appreciated receiving them. We had a nice time, saw some great quilts and I took some great night shots too.