March 27, 2008

High Contrast Images

I have been busy, but I don't have any finished projects to share. I've been working on some high contrast images that I will use to make either a Photo EZ or Thermofax screens. I'm curious to see what the difference is between the screens, so I'm going to make both types of screens from one image and print a sample of each. Sounds like it will be a fun project.
Here are few of the many possibilities I've come up with. I have no idea how these will come out. The screens I've made in the past were very simple, bold and graphic, nothing at all like these images.
Which image do you think will make the best print and why?
I love the pattern and textures in these old doorways.
The bars on these windows provide a wonderful linear pattern.

Nature always provides a wide variety of interesting textures.

March 19, 2008


After six weeks, my daughter has regained complete control of her foot. On Monday, the neurologist said that she did not have any nerve damage and on Tuesday, she could walk. He believes that she had an internal infection and there was some inflammation pressing on the nerve. I am so happy and relieved that there is a happy ending!
I saw some beautiful handmade beads that looked like glass and wanted to make some myself. This melting pot is used to heat the UTEE to the perfect temperature for coating the beads. Stay tuned . . . maybe I'll have some wonderful items to share.

I really enjoy reading about creativity and trying different exercises to stretch my thinking and skills. You just never know where it will lead. The latest addition to my ever growing collection of creative tools is the Creative Whack Pack (book and deck of cards). Here is the text from the card "Exaggerate"

"Imagine a joke so funny that you can't stop laughing for a month. Paper stronger than steel. An apple the size of a hotel. A jet engine quieter than a moth beating its wings. A home-cooked dinner for 25,000 people. Try exaggerating your idea. Think big; what if it were a thousand times bigger, louder, stronger, faster, or brighter? What if the number of people who could use it were increased a thousandfold? Now think small; what if it were only one-thousandth as powerful, fast, costly, or complicated as before? How can you exaggerate your idea?"

March 16, 2008

Fire Storm Completed

It feels great to be creative again. I hoping that all the aches and pains are gone for good. I just finished quilting a wholecloth piece that I painted a while ago. I think it turned out really great. I really didn't plan on painting a fire scene, but when I stood back and looked at it, it reminded me of the Santa Barbara wildfire that burned for months. There are two fabric trees appliqued to the foreground and tulle, organza added to the top section to resemble the flames and smoke. Here's a photo of the finished quilt.
I've added a binding that has a very narrow piped edge along the inside, in this case it is purple. It's a technique that Ricky Timms features on his Grand Finale DVD. This little flash of color (it's about 1/32" wide) provide a big impact. I have to say that it isn't easy and wouldn't recommend it to people that get frustrated easily. It took more hours than I want to admit, but I'm in love with the look and the fact that it is completely done by machine is a bonus. This is the second time I've done a binding using this technique. I'm guessing that after doing it 5 or 6 times, it will become quicker and easier.
I bought this really fun package of paper clips and thought I could use them for rubbings but the hand is the only design that works well. The others have too many 3-D parts. They made me smile . . . so they had to come home with me.

March 13, 2008

March ATC's

I figured I better post something before you thought I abandoned my blog. I've haven't created much in the last few weeks and didn't have anything positive to write about . . . so I stayed quiet. That doesn't happen to often, but the last few weeks have been rough, both physically and emotionally.
A few weeks ago, somebody side-swiped my car (with me in it), so I've had quite a few aches and pains that started in my upper back and travelled down to my legs. No fun. On top of that, my daughter is having a problem with her foot and the doctors cannot figure it out. She has had MRI's on every part of her body, EMG's on the nerves in various parts, lots of blood work and a Spinal Tap and still no results. It's pretty frustrating and emotionally draining. I'm waiting to hear what they plan to do next . . . and trying my hardest to stay positive.
On a brighter note, Fibervision had a great turn out for the artists reception at the Architectural Foundation. The exhibit looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.
I did manage to make some ATC's to exchange with my group this week. It felt really good to play with the paint and markers. We had 15 artists exchanging cards this month. This photo will show you some of the cards I made.