November 7, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

So much has happened since I last posted. Here are a few highlights: the Santa Barbara quilt show, an exhibit with Fibervision, a trip to PIQF and the most exciting news, even though it's not quilt related: my husband won a 7 day Blues Cruise to Mexico.
Imagine 90 concerts in 7 days and three ports to explore. Here's part of the lineup: Johnny and Edgar Winter, Los Lobos, The Lowrider Bank, Elvin Bishop, Cafe R & B, Kelly Hunt, Tommy Castro, Elvin Bishop, etc.
I've never considered myself much of a portrait photographer, but it looks as if the tables have turned. I really got some great shots of the performers on this cruise.
Edgar Winter

Johnny Winter
This is the first time that the Winter brothers performed together.

Roach from Cafe R & B
Howard Scott from The Lowrider Band (formerly known as War)
Tommy Castro
Many Thanks to Tommy Castro for pulling my husband's winning ticket at a local performance. The cruise was a fantastic experience! In fact, we enjoyed it so much, we signed up for next year.


Lisassup said...

Love the portraits -- they're wonderful! My husband and I are Los Lobos fans from way back; we bought their first album back in the day, and have seen them live several times, most recently at Disney Hall. They always put on a good show. Their work crosses several genres -- did they focus on bluesy stuff for the cruise?

Karen said...

How fun for you guys