May 27, 2007


Several people have asked about Fibervision, so here is a quick description.
There are 26 active members that live in CA within 150 mile radius of each other. We rent a room once a month at a community center to plan/discuss exhibits, art topics, share finished work, seek advice and play. Each month one or two of the members shares a technique or knowledge with the rest of the group. The talent and expertise within this group is amazing. I am very fortunate to be associated with such a wonderful group of artists. They are always a source of inspiration. Visit our website at
This month Michelle brought pigment based dyes and Cathi brought fiber reactive dyes for us to play with. Wow, did we have fun. Most people dyed cloth, Joan overdyed rusted cloth, Kristin brought a rayon shawl and Diana brought a silk tank top .

This photo shows the results I got with the dye. Left to right: White on beige, white on white, the next 3 were black and white and last one was a pink, beige and cream stripe. My favorite is the white on white/beige pieces.

This photos shows three pieces that were painted with the pigment dye. This pigment dye is very bold, the colors are much stronger than the dye-na-flo or setacolor that I am used to. I love them all.