March 11, 2009

Artist Trading Cards

For the first time in my life, I finished with an art project early! I stayed up late last Tuesday because I thought my ATC group met the following Wednesday, and of course, I hadn't finished my cards. Ha! I was wrong. I had to wait a full week to trade.
Here's some of the cards I created. The top left is a photo printed on fabric with painted bits. The other three are all screen printed on fabric with a little bit of embellishment.
Here are some of the cards I received. Lucilla Warren created the one in the top row on the left. Below that is Madelaine Price who is 10 years old, and Mary Price (Madelaine's mom), has her card in the top row on the right. The bottom right card was made by Flavia Valle.
If you are a regular reader, you know that I belong to several online trading groups. They're fun, and I've received some beautiful items, but it just doesn't compare to meeting other artists face to face. If there aren't any groups in your area, maybe you could start one yourself. Our group is totally informal; we meet at the Good Cup Cafe and push some tables together. Anyone that shows up with cards can trade. If you want more info, send me an email.