June 21, 2013

Decorated Boxes

A re-election campaign is underway for Helene Schneider, the current mayor of Santa Barbara. I don't live in Santa Barbara, so I'm really not involved in any of that, however, a good friend of mine hosted a party for the mayor and I helped her with some of the decorations.
Recycled boxes that had been decorated especially for the occasion and filled with an unknown prize inside were being offered to guests for a donation of $50.00. Arlene wanted the boxes to look unique and enticing. Here is what I came up with.
This box began as a brown and white box that said Happy Birthday all over . That just wasn't going to work. I broke out the spray paint and gave it several coats of pink and purple paint. It turned out very pretty with this giant pink bow on top.

This box featured hand made flowers. The multi-colored flowers were crocheted. The coral flower on the bottom right was made using origami techniques. The pink flowers on the bottom left are folded strips that are gathered and slashed. I have quite a few flowers ready in case I need something in a hurry. They came in handy.

I added some fabric, ribbon, made a sun out of clay and gave it a coat of gold paint. It was a fun little project. Quite different than what I usually work on.

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the party because I was preparing for a baby shower at my house. Why do all the fun things happen on the same day?

Happy Summer Solstice to All!