July 15, 2008

Rayna's Book is Fabulous!

If you don't have a copy of Rayna Gillman's new book "create your own hand-printed cloth", you need to get one quick. It's Fabulous! The photography is pure eye candy and Rayna's fun loving personality comes through loud and clear. The instructions are well written and the samples are fantastic. I LOVE books and own a vast collection, however, there are 12-15 books that are very special to me. Rayna's book instantly jumped into this special collection. The contents page will give you a pretty good idea what you're in for. Sorry the photo isn't better, my camera went to Greece again! I'm really thrilled to have my quilt "Branching Out" (above) included in Rayna's book, page 23. Jeanne Surber, my Fibervision buddy, has her quilt "Yin & Yang" featured on page 14.