June 17, 2007

Templeton Outdoor Quilt Show

Kathy heard about this outdoor quilt show in Templeton and asked me if I wanted to go. Templeton? Where is it? Turns out it's an old fashioned town, 160 miles north of us. Quilts hanging outdoors is unusual, but the real draw for me was the architecture of this sleepy little town. Off we went, with my trusty camera in tow.The drive along the coast was foggy, pretty typical for June. As soon as we turned inland, the fog lifted and the temperature began to rise. Fortunately, for us, there was a breeze. Turned out to be a great day. The town was a blast from the past! There were a few innovative quilts and many traditional ones hanging in front of the businesses along Main Street.
My camera found Templeton to be quite photogenic! There were lots of OLD buildings in various states of disrepair. I couldn't resist the shadows and textures on this old building.
This bright turquoise door caught my eye. I suppose I did a little trespassing to get these photos, but nobody seemed to care.
Not sure what this was in its former life, but the patina was wonderful. It made me think of all the fabric rusting experiments I've seen lately!