November 12, 2007

Newest Creations

I've been busy with several projects. In an earlier post, I mentioned a challenge from Fibervision called Revision or Regurgitation. We exchanged UFO's with each other and finished them. We could do anything we wanted to it and it remains ours. The piece I received was odd shaped pieces of purple seminole. There were so many seams, I felt it would be difficult to use in any other way but as a background. I cut and pieced the shapes to make a background and proceeded to applique organic curved shapes. The first layer is cotton, some hand painted, some commercial. The second layer was beautiful organza ribbon I purchase in San Francisco. The third layer is yarn. It measures approximately 18 x 30".
This next piece was re-made from a large, over-sized (did I mention HUGE) blouse. I purchased it at a fiber sale put on by our guild. The fabric was gorgeous and it only cost $5.00, so of course I had to have it. The fabric is cut velvet with a black sheer background. It looks and feels wonderful. I've only used 1/3 of the HUGE blouse, so I have plenty left for another project. I'm thinking either a vest or a handbag.
These are two of the paper ATC's I created for our exchange this month. You may remember the background above from an earlier post. It was created with paint and salt. I stamped and embossed and glued snowflakes on top. The holograms are b&w brick buildings, the image changes as you change the direction of the card.
This piece was created by painting gesso on a plastic shape and transferring onto the paper. It was painted with watercolors, metallic powder and then highlighted with metallic ink. The strips and rectangles are copper foil.