May 2, 2010

Self Control Isn't One of My Strong Points

I attended two quilt shows in two weeks, both were mostly traditional with a few innovative quilts sprinkled in. Last weekend was the Seven Sisters show and yesterday I went to the Camarillo show. I enjoy all types of quilts and have pieced my fair share of traditional patterns.
Shopping and inspiration are two things you're sure to find at a quilt show. I've been trying to curb my purchases, mainly because I'm running out of space to store the stuff, but I'm afraid self control isn't one of my strong points! Here's the damage.
One yard of each, most are batiks. I'm always in search of good blacks. I think the grey fabric will look great with some sparks of color added to it.
A large felting brush. I originally bought the smaller brush to try it out. I've discovered that I really enjoy it and need a larger surface. I had to have these large grommets. The vendor used them on handbags. I'm not sure what I'll use them for. A new silver paint stick and stencil brush.
A beautiful scarf with lettuce edges. I like to wear scarves, but they make me so hot, I feel like I'm about to burst into flames! This one is so lightweight, even I can wear it. At least I hope I can, time will tell.
This is a photo from a book that I bought at Barnes and Nobles this past week. It's called Earth From Above. 366 Days by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The images are from all over the world and are fabulous. Each photo includes the location and a description of what you're looking at. Some are quite abstract and you would never guess what it is. Examples: Colorful Bottle Racks in Germany, Slash & Burn Farming in Venezuela, Waste from a Uranium Mine in Niger.
The photo above is of ice skaters at Wollman Rink in Central Park in New York City. Earlier this week I watched a documentary about a Hawk called Pale Male that made NY and Central Park it's home. I'll be in MA in June, maybe a NY side trip is necessary. I've been to the museums, Radio City Music Hall, shopping, etc., but I didn't make it to Central Park. Is it worth the trip?

Enhancing the Surface with Layers of Color

The base fabric was painted with Dye-na-flow, when it was dry, water soluble crayons were applied through two different thermofax screens. I didn't care for the way it was developing . . . it looked too pretty. I decided to put it away for a couple of weeks.
When these new permanent markers arrived, I had to test them. I added a layer of writing to the surface. Interesting, but I didn't want the writing to be the focus. Now what?
It's too monochromatic, it needed some intense color. Circles were added with permanent markers and Tsukineko ink. Better . . . but too bright.
I decided to integrate the layers by glazing with two colors of Jacquard Textile Paint. I applied the paint to the entire surface with a dry sponge. The glaze knocked the intensity down a notch.
A subtle change, but much better.