July 1, 2007

Color Composition Trade

I belong to an online group called Surface Design. This group of artists LOVE to trade PC's, pins, padfolios, ATC's, etc. It's hard not to sign up for every trade, but I know I wouldn't have enough time to get them finished. The color composition trade sounded really appealing and I just couldn't resist. Here are the postcards that I will be mailing to my trade partners.I used a split complimentary color scheme. These aren't colors that I generally use together, but I really like the results. I am going to explore this combination further.I was looking through a pile of hand painted fabric and this yellow orange just jumped out at me. It contained all of the colors needed for the split complimentary scheme.The green fabric is also hand-painted. The purple is a commercial fabric.I had fun cutting the fabric and rearranging into different compositions. The finishing touch was machine embroidery and beads. I hope Joanna, Jan, Carol T. and Norma like them.