April 26, 2007

Fun with Photos

I really enjoy photographing nature. It's always fun to play with Photoshop to see what happens. Sometimes, an interesting photo becomes spectacular with the help of a few filters.
These palm trees were shot on a very cloudy day. It created a very moody, almost eerie feeling.

This is a photo of a flower on a Lily Tree. The flowers are around 12" long. I tried growing one in my yard but didn't have much luck.

This is a close-up of a Canna leaf. The colors and stripes are magnificent, I love them the way they are.


Art Clinic said...

Judy, Would you like to be on our email list so we can post you with updates about the Art Clinic? Just email me at Lifsart@verizon.net. Yes we do have classes on weekends. This weekend is wirewrap jewelry and next week, May 5th is Mother's Memory Boxes. May 20th is Altered Books, Hope to hear from you,CarolK (sorry, don't mean to be a pest but was looking for your email to send direct. Never sure if people get messages thru the commnts section so I'm double posting.)I saw the ATC's you traded with Syd and they look uncanningly like some cards that i have made. We have a similar approach to that type of card. I look forward to trading with you at the next ATC trade if I'm able to make it. Carol

MargaretR said...

These are wonderful images. I love the close-up of the leaf and the lily is beautiful. I took photos of a lily tree when I went to Australia in 2000. I have never seen one growing in the UK, I don't suppose it's warm enough.