May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you have a wonderful day! I thought I would share some flower photos with you. Enjoy.


Clevelandgurlie said...

Hi Judy. Your Blog is beautiful - and I love the pictures of your flowers. It has motivated me to take my camera "outside" and post my garden on my blog as well. After all -- flowers are the "art" of God! They will be arriving on my blog shortly.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Judy...tried to reply to your e-mail to me, and got the dreaded "no reply blogger" error, so trying this way.... here's the e-mail message:


WOW do you guys have an impressive line up of teachers, starting with Rayna and Robbi!

I had a fun time surfing your big is your guild? With the line up of teachers I was thinking huge number of members, but then maybe not so many? We have about 40 on the roster, and a good 20-25 that show up regularly for our monthly meetings. Our chapter is part of the state-wide guild, the Pine Tree Quilt Guild

LOVED your Starry Night quilt, and of course immediately gravitated to Megan Miley and Norah McMeeking's pieces... if Norah ever gets tired of Heilan' Hame, she can ship it off to me! Hey...just googled Norah, and now I know who she is... never would have guessed that the same person made the Bella Bella quilts and Heilan' Hame...well done!

Thanks for writing.'ve got me thinking about a bi-coastal challenge, like I need to add one more thing to my plate this year! I'm booked through Sept. (and have been since early in the year, and mostly I just want to take a weekend off, read and knit! LOLOL... but, knowing there are more "Coastal Quilters" out there is just too awesome an opportunity... hmmmm..... gonna have to share your link with our co-presidents!

Cheers, Sarah