December 17, 2007

Studio Remodel

Yeah, I'm getting a new sewing table on Friday. I currently have my sewing machine on top of a desk. The storage in this desk is wonderful but my shoulders and neck get pretty tense when sewing/quilting for for an extended period of time. I'm hoping that having the sewing surface flush with the cabinet will help this problem.
It's never as simple as replacing one piece of furniture, is it? Of course not! I measured everything, drew a floor plan and rearranged until I had the perfect layout. It took me most of the weekend to move everything out, organize, and move it back in.
My space is more open and friendly and best of all . . . my back is not to the door. I tend to get really involved while I'm working and don't hear people coming in, so I get scared a lot. Not any more, or at least not as much (I hope).
I know I have a lot of stuff and I really Love all my stuff, well, most of it anyways. I've purchased some really ugly fabric over the years and have no idea why. What was I thinking? Well, I'm going to clear all of that out of here. I'm sure somebody, somewhere will LOVE it!
You can see most of the fabric wall in this photo, each rolled up piece is at least one yard. The larger pieces are in the closet, which are also being rolled up. This was taken before everything was put away. It's much neater now.Here's a close up of my fabric wall. The fabric is rolled up, jelly roll style, tied and stored on end. This wall of fabric always makes a BIG impression with visitors.The oak unit is packed with one-half yard pieces of fabric. Each drawer holds a different color and the large drawer on the bottom has a lot of hand painted/dyed/discharged fabric. The plastic drawer unit also has fabric and stabilizers and there are more bins under the table!
As you can probably tell I have a lot of stuff! After my trip to the LA garment district in January, I'm going to stay out of stores that sell fabric, beads or yarn, as much as possible. I can't fit any more in here and I certainly can't use it all in my lifetime.


Vicki W said...

I remodeled mine in either 2003 or 2004. The primary reason was to replace the carpet so I had to take EVERYTHING out, just like you. It's worth it, isn't it? I still love my new arrangement and it really pumped up my creativity. I can't wait to see your final photos!

Susan Italo said...

It looks great! I love the "rose" wall-- it looks like a field of roses to me, altho I know it's fabric...
you're going to the garment district in Jan? You'd better make some more room...!!!

Sandy said...

Your fabric wall is a work of art. I have a lot of stuff too. Sandy

Mary Lou said...

I found this blog while searching for info on bleeding tissue dyeing on fabric for a christmas project. i see you have done some beautiful stuff. Can you steer me to info, or at least tell me what you did to set the dye? Thanks.

Ruth Rae said...

I just found your blog!
what a treat! your studio is a fest for the eyes! thank you so much for sharing your creativity! I can not wait to get some gel glue!

Altered Route said...

First trip to your blog and I just love what you did...such an artful way to display and have that fabric handy! I just redid my studio and have pictures on my blog. It's so nice to have things organized! Thanks for sharing!

GiaGray Designs said...

I am in the middle of a room remodel. Can you explain exactly how you rolled up your fabric that way? I would love to do that to my stash!