February 9, 2008

Cyber Fiber Postcard Trade

If you haven't already heard about the online trade and upcoming exhibition organized by Susan Lenz, you really should visit her Cyber Fiber blog. Susan has a wonderful assortment of postcards and ATC's available for trading. Here is postcard #40 that I reserved.Here is the bottom layer of my postcard for Susan. It consists of silk, inkjet photo, painted baby wipe & commercial fabric scraps. I added a total of five layers of yarn, painted dryer sheets, thread ball bunches and stitched each layer down.And here's the final card all trimmed, stitched and ready to mail. I really like the idea of recycling materials and love the layers of texture that this technique creates.


Joanna van said...

Really great texture! And, lucky you on the PC just lovely!

Nikki said...

I love all the texture!

Cyber Fyber said...

Thanks so much for blogging about CYBER FYBER! Your postcard is WONDERFUL...where did you purchase the nice plastic sleeve? I'd REALLY like to know! I'm also going to link this post to our trade on CYBER FYBER!

Elizabeth said...

I am swapping with Susan as well and I am so excited. The postcard that you have created is fabulous!!!! I love all of the texture- that REALLY is my thing!! Of course the card that is being sent to you from Susan is wonderful!!
Such fun!!