February 28, 2008

Quilt on Canvas

Here's the newest addition to my canvas series. Hmmm . . . is it a series if all they have in common is the painted canvas they are sewn onto? The style of each quilt is very different. I blogged about the other two pieces here and here.
I love the way it looks mounted on the painted canvas and am going to explore this further.

At our last Fibervision meeting we had a workshop on Creativity. Brecia Kralovic-Logan discussed several different ways to tap into our individual creativity. This is a tracing of my hand that I decorated during the session. Brecia said to use it as a reminder that I am a one of a kind artist making REAL and one of a kind ART work.

Brecia shared several quotes with us, but this one really got my attention. "Given the chance, that place inside will speak to each of us." Mark Nepo

The workshop finished with a mini fashion show of Brecia's incredible wearables. They are very imaginative, colorful and textural.


Sue B said...

Love this canvas piece Judy!

StegArt said...

Great piece Judy. Sort of funny too, as recently I've been envisioning a new piece and it also involves a canvas background.

Sandy said...

That's a nice piece, and I love the hand. It sounds like a good workshop. Sandy

Lora Martin said...


These canvas pieces are really powerful - you should continue with the series (what does define a series if the canvas doesn't?)

I think I will post my hand on my blog, too. I really like the way it turned out.