March 19, 2008


After six weeks, my daughter has regained complete control of her foot. On Monday, the neurologist said that she did not have any nerve damage and on Tuesday, she could walk. He believes that she had an internal infection and there was some inflammation pressing on the nerve. I am so happy and relieved that there is a happy ending!
I saw some beautiful handmade beads that looked like glass and wanted to make some myself. This melting pot is used to heat the UTEE to the perfect temperature for coating the beads. Stay tuned . . . maybe I'll have some wonderful items to share.

I really enjoy reading about creativity and trying different exercises to stretch my thinking and skills. You just never know where it will lead. The latest addition to my ever growing collection of creative tools is the Creative Whack Pack (book and deck of cards). Here is the text from the card "Exaggerate"

"Imagine a joke so funny that you can't stop laughing for a month. Paper stronger than steel. An apple the size of a hotel. A jet engine quieter than a moth beating its wings. A home-cooked dinner for 25,000 people. Try exaggerating your idea. Think big; what if it were a thousand times bigger, louder, stronger, faster, or brighter? What if the number of people who could use it were increased a thousandfold? Now think small; what if it were only one-thousandth as powerful, fast, costly, or complicated as before? How can you exaggerate your idea?"


Terri Stegmiller said...

I'm so happy to hear that things have turned out well for your daughter.

Sandy said...

Good news about your daughter. Now you can create again. SAndy

Anonymous said...

Love the March atc's just my colours. Glad your daughter's health has improved.

Lora Martin said...

Don't you love the creative whack pack? I've had mine for several years and drag them out now and then - they really are great!