September 1, 2008

Los Angeles Adventure

I haven't posted lately, so I've got a lot to tell, but I don't want your eyes to glaze over, so I'll do it in bits. My friend Cathi asked me to update my Music Playlist . . . so I did. If you have a favorite song that you would like included, let me know. If you don't like music playing while you surf, just turn your computer speakers off.

Today I went to the Gunther von HagensBody Worlds exhibit in Los Angeles. It was truly incredible, unbelievable, amazing, fantastic (choose an adjective), all apply. Basically, cadavers have been preserved with plastinates; they show all the various muscles, organs, tendons, bones etc. I know, you're thinking that this sounds really gross, but it's not! It's fascinating.

Here's my kids with their 3D glasses before the IMAX Mummy movie. Interesting story, but it wasn't my favorite, and it certainly didn't need to be 3D. Oh well!

This is the roof/ceiling between the Science Center and the IMAX Theater. It was so cool! Gold balls in various sizes were hanging down from the ceiling and the purple circle is glass, so light pours through it and creates really interesting shadows.


imquilternity said...

I saw the Body Worlds exhibit last time it was in town and I agree with your observations. It was awe-inspiring!!

Lora Martin said...

Glad you're back to posting! I know everybody who sees Body Worlds loves it, but it just sounds awful to me. Different people do different things....

Love the photo of the kids.

sharon said...

always love the music and your selections!!!!