January 31, 2010

Aerial Photos of Salt Lake City

I'm really excited about the aerial photos I took over Salt Lake City. I've never flown over during the winter, so this was new to me.This is one of my favorites . . . such a great composition. This one reminds me of a circuit board.This one looks as if someone just applied the final brushstrokes.The combination of salt, mud, ice and snow made for some fantastic abstract compositions.

We had a great trip to Evanston, IL to visit our daughter for her final college swim meet. Hard to believe that after 14 years it's coming to an end. I know her body will be happy to have a break - 6 hours of swimming a day, 6 days a week is tough. I am constantly amazed at Rachel's focus and determination . . . it's something I could never do.

No trip to Evanston is complete without a visit to Dick Blick and Vogue Fabric. All I bought was a little Thai silk, bright yellow roving, versatex printing ink, extender, Golden open acrylic gloss, and Jacquard color remover.

Not too bad - my suitcase was only 48 pounds and I think my bright red pea coat accounted for 20 pounds. I was surprised how few colorful coats there were. It's so grey in the winter, people should wear more color. Just my opinion.


Lora Martin said...

Wow! Great photos! That top one is especially appealing to me. I never get good ones out of an airplane window (mostly because I always sit on the aisle).

Love that collection of purchases, enough to know that you've been there, but not so much to make your luggage cost you another $75.

Sandy said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Great photos.

Gina said...

Love that first photo! And such a good point about the colours we tend to wear in winter - dark, when we should be cheering ourselves up with some color!

Love your quotes at the side ... I'm off to get my journal so I can record a few more of them. Thank you for posting them!

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