May 9, 2010

Bendable BrightLight

Have you tried this new LED task light? Lucky me, I was able to use a 40% off coupon at our local craft store to buy it. The price is pretty high for such a little light, but it gives you a nice bright, white light, exactly where you need it.
See how it's attached to the left side of my sewing machine? The flexible shaft will adjust in any direction you want. If you need light in a different location, just pop the whole piece out of its holder. Be warned, this light does not run on batteries, you need an electrical outlet. I had some major rearranging to do to make one available. It's amazing how many electrical items I have in this studio! The only battery operated item I can think of is my clock.The photo below shows the normal light that comes from my sewing machine. As you can see, the light is yellowish and spreads across several inches.
The photo below shows you how the Brightlight is focused exactly where you want it. I also like it because it doesn't give off a lot of heat like some lamps I own.
It seems like the older my eyes get, the more light I need. If you're like me, you might want to give this light a try. BTW: I have no affiliation, I'm just a happy customer.


Rayna said...

Hmmm...I guess I would need several of these: one for each of my machines. LOL.

Vicki W said...

I have one of those on every one of my machines, even the longarm. I thing they are the best new notion in years!

Cheryl said...

I love your work and blog. I am going through the list of blogs on Sharon B's blog Pintangle and found yours.

On your Dec 13 entry you talk about a project that uses lots of fabric and you refer to Talking Threads. I can't find the TT show you refer to.
Would you know the guest so I can find it quickly. I am cleaning the studio and would be a perfect time to have a project to use lots of my older fabrics.


Cheryl (